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Push (Airplane push): Towbar and Towbarless (Mototok)

Training :
Airplane repelling - Towbarless

Push-back, or the art of pushing back a plane with a towbar and without a towbar with the Mototok

Its role is to train airport personnel with all the necessary skills to drive and push back Towbar and Towbarless tractors with the Mototok.

Aircraft repulsion - Towbar and Towbarless: the issues

The push-back of an aircraft (Push-back) is the most technical and delicate operation of the job of an aircraft assistant.

The Towbar and Towbarless Airplane Pusher training with Mototok will allow you to:

  • To acquire thehe principles of safety principles related to the job of airplane repairer.
  • To have the unique opportunity to tow an aircraft with a towbar.
  • To train you fully electric, with the remote control function of the Mototok, you can move anywhere around the aircraft while respecting the safety rules.
  • To be very flexible in all situationswhere space is limited.
  • To work on the procedures specific procedures related to theairport environment in complete safety.

The trainer will share his experience with you. He will teach you everything you need to know to be operational at the end of the training.


Upon completion of the training, students will be able to directly join an airline or airport company.
Complete the Towbarless Aircraft Repo training (with Mototok) with other training courses from the OpsForm training center.


The policy of OpsForm training center is to be updated daily on aeronautical regulations, new measures and recent events.

Our training in a few points

The Airplane Pushback - Towbar and Towbarless (with Mototok) training is an individual or group training offer. It is customizable and adaptable to each individual's work schedule.

Practical information

  • Duration : 14 h / 2 days

  • Location : Site Aérocampus Aquitaine 1 route de Cénac 33360 Latresne

  • Start date: upon request

  • Registration deadline: on request
  • Indicative cost : consult us

For whom?

  • Track Agent

  • Traffic agent

  • Security Officer

  • Airport Assistance Company

  • Airline company

  • All public


  • Understand the risks related to your professional activity

  • Acquire a multidimensional working ability

  • To obtain all the necessary skills to drive and push back the tractors with bar (Towbar) and without bar (Towbarless)


  • Be of age
  • Must have taken the Track training beforehand

Aircraft Repulsion Training Program - Towbar and Towbarless with Mototok

This training has been developed to be operational within an airline or airport company.

Pedagogical part

The training is divided into several distinct modules that aim to provide an in-depth understanding of each sequence of the Towbarless Aircraft Repairer's job.


The assessments are based on in-company quizzes. Learners must obtain 80% correct answers to each quiz to be certified.

The benefits of this program

Financing solutions

Numerous profiles can benefit from the teachings of this training: ground handler, reservation agent, security agent, safety agent, cashier, insurance, banks, airlines, sensitive access companies... In general, all persons who have in their daily imperatives to handle identity documents and verify their proper form will find a particular interest, which will have an immediate practical application in their professions.

Numerous financing options are available to carry out a training course according to your project. A payment of 30% of the agreed price before the beginning of the training must be paid. The balance is to be paid throughout the training.

  • Job seekers: Ask your Pôle emploi or Conseil Régional advisor for information.
  • Temporary employee: Contact the Fonds d'Assurance Formation du Travail Temporaire (FAF.TT).
  • Employee on permanent or fixed-term contract: In the process of obtaining Qualiopi certification, to benefit from the CPF.

L.6353-5: "Within 10 days of signing the contract, the trainee may withdraw by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt".
L.6353-6: "No sum may be demanded from the trainee before the expiry of the withdrawal period provided for in article L6353-5. At the end of this period, no more than 30% of the agreed price may be paid. The balance is paid in instalments as the training course progresses.
L.6353-7: If, as a result of duly recognized force majeure, the trainee is prevented from following the training course, he or she may break the contract. In this case, only the services actually provided are remunerated in due proportion to their contractual value.

Our Trainer

CEO, Co-Founder and Trainer OpsForm

Laurent, General Manager of OpsForm, Co-Founder and trainer since 2012, in the aeronautical sector, has previously held operational positions within the Ministry of the Interior, creation and head of air operations, national investigator of aircraft accidents, national technical referent of drones. He has conducted training courses on air operations agents, traffic agents, dangerous goods, ramp agents, ground handling agents, security agents, document fraud as well as technical and judicial investigations of aircraft accidents.