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Job Ambassadors : New Aquitaine Region

THE NETWORK OF PROFESSIONAL AMBASSADORS IN THE NEW AFRICA REGION mand connects professionals with the public seeking guidance and/or retraining, in order to enable the sharing experiences and enrich the horizon of possible choices.


FRALDA : French AirLine Dispatcher Association

FRALDA is a non-profit, professional and independent association dedicated to promoting the profession of Dispatcher.

  • OpsForm is a member and sponsor of Fralda.

Aircrash Enigma : Aeronautical investigation game

As an aviation investigator, you search for clues to understand the accident and its causes. You decide what actions to take.


Alyzia : Assistance in stopover

Since 1948, Alyzia, a former entity of Aéroports de Paris, has been the preferred ground handling partner of many airlines. Armed with recognized know-how and dedicated employees, Alyzia provides every customer with all kinds of high-quality ground handling services.

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Aérocampus Aquitaine : Aeronautics and Space Campus

The Aeronautics and SpaceCampus, approved by Part 147, is unique in Europe. It offers a range of initial training courses, from vocational baccalaureate to advanced vocational diploma (BTS), through schooling or apprenticeship, as well as continuing education in aeronautical maintenance.

1st Aeronautics and Space Training Cluster: AEROCAMPUS Cluster, the first European network of experts meeting the training needs of companies in the aeronautics and space field: AEROSCHOOL, WECAIR, TELESPAZIO, Institut de Soudure, Ecole des Métiers du Drone, TAMAPLACE, Priority One Air Rescue, APAVE, UBIWAN, CGI, CPK Consult, 3X Consultants, etc.

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