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Ambassadeurs Métiers : Nouvelle Aquitaine region

THE NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE REGION'S TRADE AMBASSADORS NETWORK mand connects professionals with people seeking career guidance and/or retraining, to enable them to sharing experiences and enrich the horizon of possible choices.


FRALDA: French AirLine Dispatcher Association

FRALDA is a non-profit, professional and independent association dedicated to promoting the Dispatcher profession.

  • OpsForm is a member and sponsor of Fralda.

Aircrash Enigma: Aeronautical investigation game

As an aviation investigator, you search for clues to understand the accident and its causes. You decide what action to take.


Alyzia: Ground handling

Since 1948, Alyzia, a former Aéroports de Paris entity, has been the preferred ground handling partner of numerous airlines. Armed with recognized expertise and dedicated employees, Alyzia provides every customer with a full range of high-quality ground handling services.

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Aérocampus Aquitaine: Aeronautics and Space Campus

The Aeronautics and SpaceCampus, accredited under Part-147, is the only one of its kind in Europe. It offers a range of initial training courses, from vocational baccalaureate to BTS, via school or apprenticeship schemes, as well as continuing education courses in aeronautical maintenance.

1st Aerospace Training Cluster: AEROCAMPUS Cluster, Europe's leading network of experts meeting the training needs of aerospace companies: AEROSCHOOL, WECAIR, TELESPAZIO, Institut de Soudure, Ecole des Métiers du Drone, TAMAPLACE, Priority One Air Rescue, APAVE, UBIWAN, CGI, CPK Consult, 3X Consultants, etc.

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