Training :
Commercial Escort Agent

Welcome, inform and direct passengers before and after their flights.

Included in our training :

  • Amadeus Altea CM
  • English course & TOEIC

Commercial Escort Agent Training

The role of the Commercial Ground Handler is to welcome, control, direct and inform passengers. The aim is to ensure the smoothest possible arrival and departure of each flight.

Discover the OpsForm Commercial Escort Agent training course and learn the best practices in customer relations and customer service.

With our complementary and authentic Amadeus Altea CM training, master the technical skills needed to check-in / board passengers and their baggage on flights.

Enrich your training with our integrated airport English module and obtain your official TOEIC certification.

Commercial Escort Agent & Amadeus Altea CM :
the challenges

TheCommercial Escort Agent reflects the interests of the handling company or airline he represents, and provides passengers with the best possible quality of service in all circumstances.

The tasks of theEscale Agent are varied: reception, information, check-in, boarding, accompanying unaccompanied minors...

It ensures compliance withregulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods in baggage, applies excess baggage charges in line with airline policy, and manages flight overbooking situations.

Excellent presentation, interpersonal skills, team spirit and stress management are essential qualities for this position.

As an experienced technician, your trainer will be able to guide your progress and teach you everything you need to know to be operational at the end of your training.


Rate of return to employment

Within 3 months.

Satisfaction rate

Coming in 2023.

The OpsForm training center's policy is to keep up to date with the latest aeronautical regulations, new measures and recent events.

Our training at a glance

Commercial & Amadeus Altea CM Escort Agent training is available as an individual or group course. It can be customized to suit individual schedules, either face-to-face or via distance learning or in-house training.

Practical information

  • Duration: 140 hours / 20 days

  • Cost: consult us

Sessions 2023

8th session: November 8 to December 05, 2023 (Registration deadline: October 30)

8th session: November 8 to December 05, 2023 (Registration deadline: October 30)

Sessions 2024

1st session: January 08 to February 02, 2024 (Registration deadline: December 27, 2023)

2nd session: February 05 to March 01, 2024 (Registration deadline: February 01)

3rd session: May 21 to June 17, 2024 (Registration deadline: May 13)

4th session: November 25 to December 20, 2024 (Registration deadline: November 18)

1st session: March 04 to March 29, 2024 (Registration deadline: February 26)

2nd session: September 06 to October 03, 2024 (Registration deadline: August 30)

1st session: January 08 to February 02, 2024 (Registration deadline: December 27, 2023)

2nd session: February 05 to March 01, 2024 (Registration deadline: February 01)

3rd session: May 21 to June 17, 2024 (Registration deadline: May 13)

4th session: November 25 to December 20, 2024 (Registration deadline: November 18)

For whom?

  • Flight Operations Officer

  • Traffic agent

  • Security agent

  • Security agent

  • Airlines

  • General public


  • Be able to welcome all passengers on board and on arrival

  • Check documents and baggage

  • Mastering the language of aeronautics


  • Be of age

Commercial & Escort Agent Training Program
Amadeus Altea CM

This training has been designed to be operational within an airline or airport company.

Educational section

The training is divided into several distinct modules designed to provide an in-depth understanding of each stage of the commercial ground handling profession.

  • Commercial Escort Agent
  • Air transport regulations
  • Stopover procedures
  • Dangerous goods regulations
  • Conflict management
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Airport security
  • Amadeus Altea CM)
  • Airport English
  • Recruitment

To receive a detailed program, please contact us.


Assessments are based on face-to-face or in-house quizzes. Learners must obtain 80% correct answers to each Quiz, and be able to check in passengers and baggage (Altea CM) to validate certification.

Our trainer

CEO, Co-Founder and Trainer OpsForm

Laurent, General Manager OpsForm, Co-Founder and trainer since 2012, in the aeronautical sector, previously held operational positions within the French Ministry of the Interior, creation and head of air operations, national aircraft accident investigator, national technical referent for drones. He has led training courses for air operations agents, traffic agents, dangerous goods agents, ramp agents, station agents, security agents, document fraud, as well as technical and legal investigations into aircraft accidents.


Job opportunities

On completion of the course, learners will be able to :

  • or join an airline or airport company directly.
  • or complete the Commercial & Amadeus Altea CM Escort Agent training with other OpsForm training courses.

Why choose OpsForm for your training
Commercial Escort Agent

Includes :

  • Amadeus Altea CM software
  • Amadeus certificate Authentic
  • English modules and official Toeic
  • Conflict management module

Warranties :

  • Qualiopi certification
  • Meets air transport regulatory requirements
  • Recognized certification: you'll obtain a Level 4 professional qualification, recognized by the French State.

Advantages :

  • Trainers with at least 15 years' experience
  • Possibility of training on an aeronautics campus : Aérocampus Aquitaine
  • Training also available in the Paris region or by distance learning

Financing :

  • Payment in 4x at no extra charge
  • Possibility of 100% reimbursement by Pôle Emploi, the Region or the OPCO

A solid background in aeronautics

to boost your employability!

  • Support right up to the moment you are hired: Our specialized team will be with you from the moment you register, obtain your certification and take up your new position.
  • Level 4 professional qualification : At the end of your training, you'll obtain a professional qualification recognized by all airlines and airports. This diploma attests to your new skills and enables you to put them to good use on the job market.
  • Qualiopi certification: All our training courses are Qualiopi-certified, guaranteeing the quality of our teaching and your funding from certain organizations.

The benefits of this program

Financing solutions

A wide range of profiles can benefit from this training: station agents, reservation agents, security agents, safety officers, cashier hostesses, insurance companies, banks, airlines, sensitive access companies... Generally speaking, anyone whose day-to-day work involves handling identity documents and checking that they are in order will find this training of particular interest, with immediate practical application in their professions.

A wide range of financing options are available for your training project. 30% of the agreed price must be paid before the start of the course. The balance must be paid before the end of the course.

  • Jobseekers: Ask your Pôle emploi or Conseil Régional advisor.
  • Temporary workers: contact the Fonds d'Assurance Formation du Travail Temporaire (FAF.TT) for more information.
  • Employees on open-ended or fixed-term contracts : Contact your Opérateur de Compétence (OPCO).

To find out more, visit our Financing section.

Contractual terms and conditions

L.6353-5: "Within 10 days of signing the contract, the trainee may withdraw by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt".
L.6353-6: "No sum may be demanded from the trainee before expiry of the withdrawal period provided for in article L6353-5. No sum in excess of 30% of the agreed price may be paid on expiry of this period. The balance is paid in instalments as the training course progresses.
L.6353-7: If, as a result of duly recognized force majeure, the trainee is prevented from following the training course, he/she may terminate the contract. In this case, only the services actually provided are remunerated in proportion to their contractual value.