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  • Discover OpsForm's Aircraft Accident Procedures training course. You'll learn to understand useful and effective procedures in the event of an aircraft accident, the issues and consequences of these procedures, and all the facets that make managing this type of event complex.

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  • Study with instructors who have many years' experience in air traffic.

  • Access to comprehensive training, punctuated by practical exercises in situations identical to those in your future job.

  • Obtain certification.

  • Take advantage of our affordable rates and CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) financing .
  • Access to an aircraft on the tarmac of Aérocampus Aquitaine (Bordeaux-Latresne) for face-to-face learners.

Our crew

Our trainers have all made a career in the airport world, and have accumulated many years of experience in contact with the diverse and varied operations that can take place on a tarmac, in a control tower or even within the boarding areas themselves... Opsform's aim is to share the fruit of this experience with all those who would like to take their turn in the airport world.

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