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    Train personnel in the Runway Safety system set up by an aerodrome operator, covering facilities, equipment, operating procedures and co-activity around aircraft.

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    Its role is to train airport personnel with all the skills needed to drive and push back towbarless tractors.

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    Its role is to welcome, control, direct and inform passengers. The aim is to ensure the best possible arrival and departure of each flight.

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    Before take-off and after landing, he coordinates the various parties involved with the aircraft to ensure on-time departure, in compliance with safety, security and service quality rules.

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    The aim is to train personnel whose job it is to clean aircraft cabins, either completely or partially, during transit stops, in compliance with airline procedures and hygiene measures in force. To be able to identify the prerequisites for passenger comfort, to appreciate the importance of the quality and cleanliness of aircraft cabins for a better image of the airline.

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    This training course teaches you how to check-in and board passengers and baggage using Amadeus Altéa Customer Management (CM) software.

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    This training course teaches you how to operate aircraft load plan procedures using Amadeus Altéa Flight Management (FM) software.

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    The PRM Escort Agent takes charge of and accompanies the person with reduced mobility from the moment they enter the airport to their final seat on board the aircraft, and vice versa when they disembark.